Dr Seuss Themed Invitations!

Custom Dr Seuss invitations for my nieces’ first birthday!


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In The Shop

An oldey but goody. One of my favorite of all the printable bookplates. Comes with instructions and 4 watercolor zoo animal bookplates. All downloaded straight to your computer to be printed over and over again.


Zoo Animal Bookplates Sheet JPG

Great for gifts, baby shower favors or even for your own favorite little ones to preserve their most treasured stories.

A sample of the Little Peanut Bookplates that I use for my own Little One.
A sample of the Little Peanut Bookplates that I use for my own Little One.

BUT WAIT! I also do custom bookplates! Check out my Etsy page and keep following for more event inspiration.

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New In The Shop

The newest addition to our Baby Shower Game Set line is this super Pink Bokeh Baby Shower Games Package. This set has the very trendy bokeh background in a girly pink. It is also stylized with pink onesies and red hearts. Awwww.

Check it out:

Preview of “Pink Bokeh Game Flyer”

Perfect little printables for your next girly pink baby shower!

And also, check out another version of the Princess Invites I did for Princess Berkley this week.

Proof of “CUSTOM Princess Berkley”

Crazy cute, right? There are all sorts of variations available for this design:

Preview of “Princess Party Selections”

Until Thursday…

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Freakin’ Fabulous Friday Freebies

Yesterday I posted a Pinterest of Interest blog citing a particular link I had stumbled across.

The blog post was a DIY recipe for creating your own scented bubbles. I loved it. It was so sweet and simple that it inspired me to add them to my Summer To Do. I am obsessed with the idea. And ofcourse the best way for me to present my favorite kiddos with these sweet presents, was to create my own packaging!

I present my inspiration:

Rose, Lemon and Lavender Scented Bubbles by Angelina at the Jojo and Eloise Blog.


Unbelievably cute, right?

I decided to create Vintage labels for each fun flavor and add them to the first vintage bottles (suitable for bubbling ofcourse) I could find. I am still searching for those perfect bottles but I have had much better luck with those labels!

And so here they are, Downloadable Vintage Bubble Labels.

Each file has three labels, a Rose Scented, Lemon Scented and Lavender Scented. AND because I could not decide between a Peach Vintage Rose set and a Green Striped Hydrangea set…you get both!

Green Striped Bubble Labels JPGPeach Bubble Labels JPG

Pick your favorite and have fun!

And a special thanks to  Angelina at the Jojo and Eloise Blog for inspiring such a fun Friday Freebie!

P.S. How amazing would these be as favors at a shower??? Just saying…

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This lady just validated my life.

I compulsively buy supplies. Supplies for life. It can be anything I deem NECESSARY for my existence. Socks. Party napkins. Baby accessories. Straws. Holiday themed anything. Random Martha Brand decor…
My husband thinks it’s a problem. I think it’s like being a Doomsday Prepper. But not for the end of the world…just the next partay.
This lady just validated that I am not insane. A pretty post about what she collects and why. Chic hoarding. Check it out:

OhHappyDay.com – “My Party Closet”