Pinterest of Interest – Bridal Bouquets

I have SO MUCH AWESOMENESS coming in the next few weeks that it’s a little scary. And intense. It’s crazy, awesome scary.

But while you wait, take a gander at these floral pretties and begin planning your bridal bouquet:

Preview of “Bouquet Flowers”

1. Paper Flower Bouquet DIY – From Oh Happy Day!

2. Vintage, Tropical Bouquet – From The Knot

3. Feathered Bouquet – From …anonymous ( I could find no credits for this photo but still loved it.)

4. Silk Peony Shabby Chic Bridal Bouquet – From Bragging Bags

5. My Vintage Country Blues Bouquet – Designed by Blooms (Had to throw my favorite of all bouquets in there…my own.)

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Pinterest of Interest – Bachelorette Style

We all want to be that badass hostess who throws the epic Bachelorette party. But seriously, there’s more to it than booze. (Pst. It’s mostly booze.) Gain some Bachelorette Inspiration here!

Preview of “Bachelorette1”

1. A Rickety-Rack Polyvore Inspiration Board for that flashy night of hotness.

2. Magic Mike Inspired Bachelorette Cake. Awesome.

3. Bride-To-Be Sash (That’s not gross and tacky.)

4. Love this Half -Up look with the ribbon. Hot.

5. Moet Rose Champagne Bottle with gold paint pen! LOVE! All your favorite girls sign!

6. Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! – Huge amount of Jello Shot Recipes!

Preview of “Bachelorette1 copy”

7. Love this look for any event!

8. Fun Bachelorette Party look for a group!

9. Masquerade Themed Bachelorette Party!

10. One of my favorite Bachelorette themes – Little Black Dress Party!


Follow me on Pinterest for more Bachelorette Inspiration!

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Bridesmaid Dresses We Wish You Would Pick

I believe there should be a rule that no Bride may choose a bridesmaid gown without first having tried it on herself.

I believe this with all my heart.

There is nothing worse than purchasing an expensive dress you not only hate but know you look terrible in.

So to all my brides, here are a few dresses we bridesmaids wish you would consider.

Preview of “Bridesmaid Gowns”

1. Sweetheart necklines are the most flattering on all figures. This loose flowy fabric conceals any…imperfections (read: fat rolls) your girls may not want exposed. PLUS look at all these colors! (Dessy Collection Style 2896. Find a local retailer here.)

2. This Monique Lhullier Tulle Trumpet Dress is by far one of my favorites of the season. How amazing would that skinny cousin of yours look in this dress? Don’t worry. You’ll still look better. (Monique Lhullier. $498.)

3. Another Dessy gown with the same model. I’m not going to lie to you right now. I’m going to be very serious. I love this dress. I am going to order this dress for myself. I have absolutely no where to wear it. But I want it. I want it hard. (Dessy Collection Style 2894. Find a local retailer here.)

4. I wore an Alfred Sung dress on my wedding day. It was perfectly made and I would recommend the designer to anyone. However, as much as I really love this bridesmaid dress, keep in mind that it is not the most flattering cut for big boobied girls. Nor would it be ideal for a larger or more mature group of ladies. BUT if you are young and your bridesmaids are some of those petite, trendy girls, this dress would be so sleek in a trendy color and slick hair. (Alfred Sung. Find a local retailer here.)

5. This lace and tulle sheath dress is ridiculously hot. Not as many colors to choose from but if you want your Bridesmaids to bring some sex appeal, here’s the dress for you. (Tadashi Shoji. $298.)

6. J.Crew has always been effortlessly stylish to me. This wrap dress makes me feel like any of your girls could pull this look off. (Mirabelle Dress. $265.)

You’ll probably notice I split the options between long and short dresses. The first time I had to purchase a long gown for a wedding I pissed and moaned for weeks. I could not figure out why my Bride would do that to us. Come the day of the wedding we all looked amazing. Not having to worry about if your dress made your thighs look big or if people were staring at your very uncomfortable shoes, were just a few less things to worry about.

In the end it is about what the Bride and Groom want. Do not let anyone talk you into something you do not want BUT keep in mind that your Bridesmaids will one day have you at their mercy and fond memories go a long way.

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Pinterest of Interest – 1st Birthday Photo Inspiration

Check out this crazy cute selection of my favorite baby photoshoot inspiration. My favorite baby is about to turn one and I have just scheduled the photographer for her 1st Birthday family photoshoot. I already have delicious still-images floating through my head of balloons and (October baby) pumpkins! Check out my favorite selection of inspired photography…

Preview of “Kids Photoshoot Inspiration”

1. Oh. Siblings. Love love love.

2. Love this vintage Mother Daughter shoot.

3. Balloons!

4. La La Love Banner

5. 1st Birthday Cake Smash

Stay tuned for a late-afternoon Friday Freebie…

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Pinterest of Interest – Bridal Jewelry

Looking for that extra UMPH for your wedding dress? That little bit of sparkle and wow for that first moment everyone turns and looks right at you? Check these fine pieces out. Ranging from the inexpensive to the exorbitant.

Preview of “Bridal Statement Pieces”

1. Shoulder Necklace – This is so dainty. Very Charlotte’s web…with lots of money.

2.Twisted Pearl Statement Necklace – Okay, admittedly the bride is ridiculous looking so the necklace by default looks amazing too, but still…it’s pretty.

3. Tiffany & Co. Great Gatsby Headpiece – I can’t. I just can’t. Somebody raise $200,000 and get this for me. I can’t even look at it for too long that’s how much I love it.

4. A slew of Statement Bridal Necklaces – But this particular one is my favorite.

5. Crystal Silk Chiffon Train – Someone do this. Do it right now!

6. Josephine Ultimate Swarovski – Holy moly. I need this for everyday gym activity.


Now go buy me all of these.

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Pinterest of Interest – Wine Tasting Party

Since I have been pain stakingly researching wine pairings and wine tasting protocol in preparation for the Frenchy French Bridal Shower, I thought this weeks theme could only be A Wine Tasting Party: Pinterest Style.

As always, all these links have been followed up on by moi.



1. Blackberry-Goat Cheese Bruschettini: Mmmm.

2. How To Host A Wine Tasting Party Like The Pros: Everything from wine pairing to decor to staging your chairs.

3. Preparing the Perfect Cheese Board: Style Me Pretty is always a solid resource.

4. Double-Dipped Pears: Chocolate, caramel and sweet pears. Via the Queen, Martha Stewart.

5. Anatomy of a Cheese Plate: Another Martha selection

6. Wide Education and Tasting 101: The Ins and Outs of everything Wine related. Easy to read. Easy to learn.

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Pinterest of Interest Thursdays – Father’s Day Edition

You know that moment when you realize Father’s day is like…less than a week away and you have no idea WHAT THE HELL TO GET YOUR HUSBAND! Here you go.

And as always, every one of these links has been followed up on by me. They lead to somewhere. Probably somewhere awesome. Trust me.

From the Kids:

Daddy, A son’s first Hero, A daughter’s first Love – Daddy art with FREE PRINTABLES included. Love this.

Father‘s Day Scrapbox. Love. So sweet.


Custom Embroidered Bow Tie – “Best Dad Ever” Aw.


I love everything about this. Matching baby and daddy outfits.


From You:

iGrill. The techno geeks answer to manliness.


Does he love Duck Dynasty? Done.


Does he know every lame line to all of Will Farrell’s movies? Here. You may not get it. He does.


What is this?! A reversible Wookie jacket?! YES!


You know what’s amazing about this bag? You can totally use it as a diaper bag and still look badass since it’s a tactical cop/military backpack.


Are you a big bawler? Then this is for you.


Hours upon hours of Daddy and kiddo play time in this amazing pirate shit. Holy moly.

Check back tomorrow for further Father’s Day madness.

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