Easter Toddler Photos



I have to give every bit of credit for these amazing photos to Ms. Megan Jones of Megan Michael Photography in Omaha, Nebraska.

The backdrops and bunnies were by far the cutest I had ever seen. AND the bunnies were trained. Trained MODEL bunnies! They actually turned and looked at the camera when they heard her start snapping away. Amazing!


Admitedly, I walked into the photo session concerned that my 18-month-old was going to try and love on the bunnies a little too aggressively and we would end up with a squished pile of fur, but they were miniture pros. So great with the kiddos. I was stupefied.

BunnyDay1-3168 color

Amazing! I love them so much!

Happy Easter, friends!

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Pinterest of Interest – Bridal Bouquets

I have SO MUCH AWESOMENESS coming in the next few weeks that it’s a little scary. And intense. It’s crazy, awesome scary.

But while you wait, take a gander at these floral pretties and begin planning your bridal bouquet:

Preview of “Bouquet Flowers”

1. Paper Flower Bouquet DIY – From Oh Happy Day!

2. Vintage, Tropical Bouquet – From The Knot

3. Feathered Bouquet – From …anonymous ( I could find no credits for this photo but still loved it.)

4. Silk Peony Shabby Chic Bridal Bouquet – From Bragging Bags

5. My Vintage Country Blues Bouquet – Designed by Blooms (Had to throw my favorite of all bouquets in there…my own.)

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Pinterest of Interest – 1st Birthday Photo Inspiration

Check out this crazy cute selection of my favorite baby photoshoot inspiration. My favorite baby is about to turn one and I have just scheduled the photographer for her 1st Birthday family photoshoot. I already have delicious still-images floating through my head of balloons and (October baby) pumpkins! Check out my favorite selection of inspired photography…

Preview of “Kids Photoshoot Inspiration”

1. Oh. Siblings. Love love love.

2. Love this vintage Mother Daughter shoot.

3. Balloons!

4. La La Love Banner

5. 1st Birthday Cake Smash

Stay tuned for a late-afternoon Friday Freebie…

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Pinterest of Interest Thursdays

Just a few awesome Pinterest Finds I stumbled upon today. None of those great looking links that promise DIY riches and lead to no where.

All these links have been followed up on by this girl. So check out these finds.

Check our this Packing List for 3 weeks of travel in one carry-on case. Take it from a perpetual traveller. This is a good list.

Secrets to Making Eclairs. Step by step directions WITH pictures.

To be honest I’m not a big fan of Lauren Conrad. All the same, this Wedding Planning Timeline is easy to follow and accurate. You know that overwhelmed, “My wedding is in how many months?!” feeling? This will help.

Bear hat

The Burton Bear Cowl Knitting Pattern. I love this. LOVE IT! But ofcourse I can’t knit so…

These First Birthday Photos article has some great ideas for little girls photo sessions.